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What We Do

   Elite Auto Styling Calgary is Calgary’s Premier auto styling shop, from award winning vinyl wraps to colorful retrofits. We pride ourselves on quality and wont settle for anything less. We offer many different Auto styling services such as Vinyl wraps, Custom Decals, Lighting (HIDs, LEDs), Retrofits, Parts, Stickers, fleet vehicles, Liveries, Tail Light & Headlight Tint. Fully insured and licensed Elite Auto Styling is your number one choice for any auto styling work you may need done. Contact Us Today!

Calgary’s Premier Vinyl Wraps

    If you’re in the market for a vinyl wrap, look no more! From bikes and cars to trucks and trailers, even boats. We can handle anything that comes our way. Most importantly our award winning vinyl wraps come with an industry leading 3 year install warranty. Brighten up your vehicle with a custom vinyl wrap or make your business a mobile billboard. Here at Elite Auto Styling we can create your design from scratch or print any design you have ready to go. With professional install and quality that will leave you happy with your decision to choose Elite Auto Styling.

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle can also be great to protect your paint as well, therefore saving you thousands compared to a new paint job. Typically Vinyl lasts up to 5 years and is recommended it be removed at that 5 year mark.

Other options such as chrome deletes, headlight/tail light tinting, racing stripes, two-tone, embossing, reflective and paint protection film are available.

Finish options include gloss, matte, satin, color shift, chrome, carbon fiber, metal effects, printed, animal skin textures and other unique textured films.

Vinyl Wrap Services

• Commercial Wrap
• Fleet Wrap
• Custom Wrap
• Boat Wrap
• Car Wrap
• Motorcycle Wrap
• Car Interior Wrap
• Corporate Wraps
• Custom Graphic Design
• Certified, Professional Installation
• Large Format Printing
• Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating

Lighting and Retrofits

    Your #1 source for top quality lighting and retrofits. At Elite Auto Styling, we offer a wide range of HID/LED light bulbs and HID/LED conversion kits. Such as; 9005, 9006, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9 and H10 HID kits. We also provide you with 9003, 9004, 9007,9008(H13) High/low Bi- xenon HID kits, HID light bulbs, HID/LED headlight kits, xenon HID and conversion kits. Our HID/LED Kits, HID/LED Bulbs, and HID ballasts are made with the highest quality material on the market. HID conversions are NOT recommended for halogen headlights, as they produce a higher then normal glare. Causing other drivers unable to see properly.

Lighting Services

• HID Conversions
• LED Conversions
• Retrofits
• Interior Lighting
• Exterior Lighting
• Halogen Replacements
• Professional Installation
• Condensation Correction
• Fog Lights