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Toyota 86 (Avery Gloss Dark Pearl Green)

2006 Mustang (Avery Gloss Metallic Black)

Toyota 4Runner (3M Gloss Metallic Charcoal)

Shelby GT-350 (Avery Gloss Light Grey)

2007 Nissan 350Z (3M Matte Military Green)

2006 VW Golf (3M Gloss Ivory)

2017 Honda Type R (Avery Gloss Black) *Roof/Hood*

2013 Hyundai Genesis (3M Gloss Fierce Fuchsia)

2013 Nissan GTR R35 (Avery Gloss Roaring Thunder)

2013 Evo X (Avery Gloss Light Green Pearl)

2016 WRX (Avery Gloss Diamond White)

2013 Evo X (3M Gloss Atomic Teal)

2014 STi (3M Gloss Hot Pink)

2015 STi (Orafol Lavender/Turquoise)

1995 Supra (3M Gloss Black)

2006 Eclipse (3M Gloss Metallic Gold)

2007 Civic (3M Gloss Bright Yellow)

2009 WRX (3M Gloss Orange)

2013 FRS (3M Satin Metallic Grey)

Chevy Cruze (Avery Bahama Blue Pearl)

2008 Evo X (Avery Gloss Metallic Brown)

BMW 335i (Avery Gloss Light Blue)

2012 Hyundai Genesis (Avery Matte Metallic Pink)

BMW 235i (Avery Satin Khaki Green)

BMW X5 (Avery Satin Pearl White)

2015 STi (Orafol Lavender/Turquoise)

BMW M3 (Avery Matte White)

2002 S4 (Avery Gloss Metallic Dark Blue)

Shelby GT-350 (Avery Satin Black) *Coming Soon*

Hummer H1 (Avery Matte Metallic Grey) *Coming Soon*

BMW 128i (3M Gloss Atomic Teal) *Coming Soon*

97 Ford Dually (Avery Gloss Quick Silver) *Coming Soon*

Chrysler 300 (Avery Matte Dark Grey) *Coming Soon*

Range Rover (Avery Satin Dark Grey) *Coming Soon*

Hyundai Genesis (Avery Satin Pearl White) *Coming Soon*

Lotus Evora (Avery Gloss Aqua Blue) *Coming Soon*

Mazda 3 (Avery Satin Metallic Purple) *Coming Soon*

Nissan Skyline R33 (Avery Gloss Bergundy) *Coming Soon*

 Porsche Cayman S (Avery Satin Stunning Orange) *Coming Soon*

Honda Civic Coupe (3M Gloss Hot Pink) *Coming Soon*

S4 (3M Gloss Burnt Orange) – Wrapped by Fitted Graphics & Elite Auto Styling

300Z (3M Satin Pearl White) – Wrapped by Fitted Graphics & Elite Auto Styling

Calgary’s Premier Vinyl Wraps

    Vinyl Wraps and Paint Protection Film is our main focus but that does not limit us from everything else.

  From bikes and cars to trucks and trailers, even boats. We can handle (mostly) anything that comes our way. Most importantly our award winning vinyl wraps come with an industry leading 3 year install warranty. Brighten up your vehicle with a custom vinyl wrap or make your business a mobile billboard. Here at Elite Auto Styling we can print any design you have ready to go through our partners at Ink Engine. With professional install and quality that will leave you happy with your decision to choose Elite Auto Styling.

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle can also be great to protect your paint as well, therefore saving you thousands compared to a new paint job. Typically Vinyl lasts up to 5 years and is recommended it be removed at that 5 year mark.

Other options such as chrome deletes, headlight/tail light tinting, racing stripes, two-tone, embossing, reflective and paint protection film are available.

Finish options include gloss, matte, satin, color shift, chrome, carbon fiber, metal effects, printed, animal skin textures and other unique textured films.

Vinyl Wrap Services

• Commercial Wrap
• Fleet Wrap
• Custom Wrap
• Boat Wrap
• Car Wrap
• Motorcycle Wrap
• Car Interior Wrap
• Corporate Wraps
• Custom Graphic Design
• Certified, Professional Installation
• Large Format Printing
• Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Alberta is one of the leading places in the world when it comes to PPF sales and for good reason. Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from the harsh elements we see in Alberta such as Rocks, Salt, Snow, Gravel and more. Preventing from damage such as rock chips. At Elite Auto Styling we use 2 brands of PPF Xpel Ultimate & Stek DynoShield. For more info please click on each brand to be re directed to their website.

Vinyl Wraps and Paint Protection Film

Vinyl Wraps Calgary

Vinyl Wraps Calgary


Vinyl Wraps YYC